clients testimonials

I recently worked with estivasoftech and it was a great experience working with them. they handled their respomsibilty towards my project very effeciently. I am really impressed with their work.

- John Mathew


Estivasoftech did a great job. they understood my requirements towards the project and perform an excellent job.

- Neha Divakar

I approached to estivasoftech company for mobile application developement. The high quality of designers and developers make their work different. I was satisfied that everything was in hand and we finally created a new application.

- Nagesh Mehra

I would like to thank you for the help and guidance in the project. I and my colleagues are very happy in collaborating with you. I truely appreciate your hard work and sincerity towards the project.

- Gagan Singh

I strongly believe in reviews and that is the reason i came up to you for my business. Like others, I am also impressed with your performance. The most liked thing I saw was the team work you showed. I wish I could get another chance also to work witk you.

- Niharika Rajan

Thank you for giving the amount of time you served to our project and putting a lot of creativity in it. So excited!!

- Tanuj Jain

I am very pleased about the end result that I saw. This was all 500% better that i had before. I very much value the amount of time they delivered to my project. It has been pleasure to see my vision changing into reality.

- V.Krishnan

I am speechless. Truely speaking. I didnot expect such results. But It is totally fabulous.

- Shalini Shridar

I seeked for a ui ux project to estivasoftech. they created it so nicely. with their creativity and designing they refined my project. They are seriously a talented team. they have done an effecient and effective service. All thanks to you and your team.

- R. Verma

I am very happy and satisfied with your performance. very good work, with lots of patience and discipline. good luck estivasoftech.

- Mahesh S. Vallia

Quality of work, superb. team, fantastic. performance, flawless. Hats of to you and your team.

- Dinesh Singh Ahuja

I made the right choice working with you. Best of luck.

- Ragini Jain

I never compromise with reviews. I am true enough to give both bad and good review. I worked with estivasoftech and for this company You are great give an applause.

- V. K. Narayan

Excellent job estivasoftech. thanks a lot for initiating in our project.

- Suresh Rai Singh

A very friendly and helpful team.

- Zia Malik

It was a great experience working with you guys. I can't wait for the another chance to again collaborating with you.

- Sharan Mishra

I and estivasoftech collaborated to do the project of mobile applications. They executed everything so nicely. they treated me as a part of their company. It was a friendly environment. The team was very understanding. They attentively listened to my ideas and put their skills into the project, to make it more effective. Talking about the end result, it was amazing. I was satified with my choice.

- S. Rajesh Krishnan

Working with estivasoftech was a delight for me. they worked hard to fulfill our requests and we end up with a very fascinating website. I will surely recommend everyone.

- Kanan Palliwal

recruvia.com project

It was a priviledge working with estivasoftech. they were fast, effecient, and dedicated for their work. They finished the project before the deadline. I am so happy with their performance. thanks for your guidance.

- Nandini Venkatesh

recruvia.com project

I think this was one of my great experience in my life. In future, I would really want to work with them again.

- Jagan S. Gupta

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