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Reducing your SEO issues and converting it into a valuable solution is our major objective.

Estivasoftech is a digital marketing and web solution company we are operating our business and serving so many clients around the world. As a professional UK SEO services provider, Estivasoftech's sole purpose is to help businesses to gain exposure online, lead generation and acquire clients. We are providing all the services which a business, company or person would need to run a business online. We aim to deliver the best to the clients and help them grow big. We have multiple stories of our happy clients who have succeeded in their online journey with our help. Our SEO services have given so many businesses their identity and that’s why we are the best SEO company in the world.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

While doing SEO we optimize our websites search engine pages so that it goes with the set rules and guidelines of Google and will be able to rank high on the Search engine result page. There are several activities which you need to do to get on the SERP page and SEO is the top most of them. Some of the important SEO techniques are on-page SEO, off-page SEO and technical SEO. There are multiple activities under each SEO technique and each one of them is equally important to rank your website on the SERP of search engines. Our best SEO Company Toronto is offering all the SEO services, we want to assist and help you to get on the top.


Why should you hire us for SEO services in USA?

SEO looks simple to do, and you even can do it on your own but there is the condition you should be familiar with everything that is in trends, updated Googles guideline and a lot of time to work on all this and day and night finding the new things because here now and then new things come and go. That is why you should look for the best SEO companies in USA because when you hire professionals for work you get the best results while saving a lot of time, and we are professional digital marketers, and we know our work very well. We will suggest you the most effective activities and ideas to work upon and get your work out to the world. Our team continuously work to make innovation in our work so you stand out and people will recognize you, SEO Services we are providing:

On-Page SEO: On-page SEO activity which is done to directly optimize the page by optimizing we improve the quality of the content of the website, increase its visibility and make it user friendly and valuable to users. On page activity increase site visibility, increase the traffic to your website and increase the conversion rate also, Following are the important On-page SEO activities:

Keywords: Keywords are the most important part because the rest of all the activities revolve around them. Keywords are the search terms that users search on search engines, our best SEO Company in USA do refine keyword research before selecting the keywords.

URL: URLs are the Slug comes just after the name of the website it should be identical to the page and the title of the page content that way its search will increase and hence the traffic.

Meta Tags: Meta title and descriptions are important because it lures the visitors to websites so it should be optimized and should be something which resembles the searches.

Heading Tags: These are the heading of the content. There is a format of writing you should properly optimize the heading of your content as heading 1, heading 2 up to heading 6. You can repeat any of these headings if you want to.

Content: The content of the website should be written very clearly, informative and effective. When your content can explain everything to the user search engines rank such content high on their search engine result pages. Our best SEO company in Canada offers you the best content for your websites we have a team of writers who are constantly working to produce SEO friendly content for our clients and that rank high as well.

Alt tags: Alt tags are the information regarding the media files of a website like images and videos. This helps the search engine to understand your web page more accurately because it can not see the image it has to read the tags. Our SEO agency Chicago is best at describing the alt tags of images and videos such as they become easy for the search engine to read.

Interlinking: By providing the interlinking we can get our website upon ranking because if you interlinked your website correctly it leads to the crawling of your complete website and hence it increases the possibility of ranking of the website, There are a lot of smaller activities which are taken care of by our digital marketing agency in the USA.

Off-page activities: Off-page activities are the actions that we do online but not on our web page but creating backlinks from different other sources where crawlers find your link and visit your site, Following are the Off-page activities: Editorial links , Blogging , Forum submission , Guest posting , Blog marketing , Social networking sites , Directory Submission , Article submission , App Submission , Social Bookmarking , Sponsors posting , Link exchange , Answer-questions , Images And video submission , Local listing

What are the advantages you get on hiring us?

At Estivasoftech digital marketing company Toronto, we take care of all the technical parts with very keenness.

These are some of the popular off-page activities. Most of the page activities are to create backlinks for your web pages so that they can be crawled by search engines and other activities are posting good quality content on different sites in the form of blogs, videos or images. Our SEO agency in the USA has a list of sites that has a good reputation providing backlinks for our website and our content. Our team work so diligently to produce excellent content for you.

Technical SEO

There is a certain technical aspect of SEO which are handled by doing technical SEO here we mainly work on the codes. Following are the technical SEO activities , Improving the landing page speed ideally it should not be more than 5 sec. Mobile-friendly site , Getting SSL certificate , Create an XML sitemap to help in indexing the site , Creating robots.txt file , Creating Schema to improve the ranking , At Estivasoftech digital marketing company Toronto, we take care of all the technical parts with very keenness.

Local Listing Services

Local markets are always come first and remains the priority because they are more stable and rewarding. We help you to increase your visibility in your local area. We do your local listing on Google and intact that with the maps listing so whenever someone searches your service nearby you come on the top of search results. Local listing is very helpful in creating your identity here you can show your work, the event offers and other important things. Our local SEO services are effective and accurate, review and ratings will enable your business to grow faster in the local area.

Analysis and tracking

Whatever the work we do on SEO we keep a track of it through various tools and analyze the data periodically so we can check what is working for our website and what is not. With this, we will plan our further strategies and work according to them. Our digital marketing agency Toronto also gives periodic reports to you so that you can keep a track of the activities performed by us.

These are certainly the most popular SEO activities, but this is not it, there is a lot of other work as well which we do to enhance the quality and quantity of work. The speciality of our work is constant innovation and creativity with the work. That keeps your viewers and customers engaged with your website and work.

Estivasoftech is a top digital marketing agency in Canada, and we have so many customers around the world, we have helped them to ace in their businesses, we want to help more and more people. And if you’re searching for digital marketing in Chicago, Toronto, USA and Canada or any other place in the world to get help for your business, we are welcoming you to Estivasoftech. Work with us and grow your business.