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Estivasoftech is a digital marketing agency working since 2013. We are developing, designing websites, and providing online marketing services. The services we provide are fully customized and our focus remains on our customers' satisfaction. Our work helped many clients to improve their online appearance and grab new leads and improve sales.Digital Marketing agency.

Online marketing is a trend not new but in constant demand for a long time and with the increase of internet penetration. This led to the increased demand for online marketing and there is a lot more demand for digital marketing agencies in Canada or digital marketing agencies in the USA internationally. Not only the big brands and companies but with the evolution of the search engine and social media boom, small and medium business owners also started investing in digital media marketing.

Now the market is not dominated by only big business houses instead small and local business has wider opportunity to grow and around the world we can see that; there are numerous example that shows us if you are willing to work hard improve on your mistake you can top the charts and can become the new business sensation. And in process of achieving these big feats, digital marketing agencies around the world are playing a pivotal role.


Why should you SEO choose us?

Reducing your SEO issues and converting it into a valuable solution is our major objective.

Estivasoftech is working with so many clients along with the world and through all these years we evolved so much and learn a lot of things while working on clients’ projects. Our priorities are always clear that is to give back maximum to our clients, work hard to achieve their set goals. Since we worked with so many prestigious projects and clients, we are well familiar with work, pressure, tools techniques, and other nitty-gritty of the field we can understand your goals and targets easily and can also help you to identify what you should follow down the hierarchy line of marketing.

Hence with our due experience and so many case studies, we are capable of making wonderful marketing strategies for your business. we analyze your work before starting anything new and keep a record of every situation that goes with your brand while working so that in end you can have a clear picture of the work and progress that we had together.

At Estivasoftech we are professionals who have worked in their particular niche for a very long time and has so many experiences of their work we are a boutique marketing agency in Toronto that are capable of providing you with all the services mentioned above and also the associate services which are connected to marketing or IT in any way. Our digital marketing agency Chicago works for the welfare and satisfaction of its clients. If you are someone who is starting a business or already have a business but is not sure how to grow it or someone who has ideas but is clueless about how to proceed, we are welcoming you with open arms to our company come and have the best experience of taking your business to heights.


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Advantages of Digital Marketing Services

Following are the services that we are providing:

Web Development:

As the initial requirement for doing online or digital marketing is having a home online where you can show your product or services. We develop websites, mobile app, and software as per the requirement and budget of clients. Websites that we develop are enriching with fantastic designs, user-friendly UI/UX, and other features as required. We develop customized websites for different websites.

Search Engine Optimization:

Search engine optimization are the collective activity that we do to rank the pages of our website on the search engine rank pages organically so that anyone search for your services on Google your web page comes at the top, and you may have a new customer. SEO is very important to do because this decides the position of your website over the SERP. Hence if you are worried about why you’re ranking on the SERP page is not going up no worries we the best digital marketing agency in Toronto will identify the issues and help you to get higher rankings on SERP.

Search Engine Marketing:

This is also known as Google ads or Pay per click (PPC). SMM is done to secure a place on the search engine in return we pay to the search engine. This is a very effective way to generate the leads and sales but expensive too because here you must bid for the ads position and charges cut for every click or impression. So, it is important to understand the ads well only then you can gain maximum out of them. But you don’t have to worry about it our Toronto marketing agency has highly skilled professionals who can manage PPC ads very efficiently.

E-mail Marketing:

E-mail marketing is something which is in the marketing since the bigging of internet and still working efficiently for marketing among the peoples. But there should be some strategies for sending emails. Because if you send e-mail randomly without filtering your recipients it will end up as spam. Our digital marketing agency Chicago generates the proper strategies for e-mail marketing.

Social Media Optimization:

Social media platform are the breakthrough of online marketing previously online marketing was limited because a very handful people are capable of using the search engine and most of the people doesn’t have even access to it but social media has changed scenario; people spend a lot of time on these platforms. This gives marketers an advantage they can show their product and services to the people and hence can increase brand image and awareness. Our media agency Toronto will Facebook, Instagram, and other social media optimization so that you can have shown to people your continuous presence.

Social media marketing:

Social media marketing is running your ads through social media platforms here you can select the audience based on people's interest. Here ads cost less and are very effective for brand awareness and sales. There are a lot of people in the world who are running their business just on Social media and getting good sales and recognition. Our digital marketing agency New York will make suitable ads and posts for your social media marketing that will bring you both brand awareness and sales.

Local Listing:

While we are working to keep the attention of the world towards our work we should not forget our streets. Yes, our local market is as important as the far places because it will give the initial stability to our business and can give us initial customers that can give reviews and ratings that can help the business grow. We care about you and your work so we don’t ignore any aspect that can bring you a fortune. Our digital marketing agency Chicago provides you with world-class local listing and local SEO services that help you to get firm on your business.


Whatever you upload to your website, social media is all one or the other form of content. If you nice elaborated and effective content to google it has higher chances to rank fast on the SERP. Google ranks pages on the basis that how much your content is helpful to the users, but that content should be unique and not plagiarised. Our digital marketing agency united states write creative original and effective content that is informative and explanatory so it ranks easily on Google SERP , Along with Written content, Our digital marketing companies in the united states also help you with video and picture content. Our Content marketing agency Toronto creates almost every kind of content such as newsletter, infographics, blogging, guest posting, podcast, eBook, and a lot more other types of content.

Analysis and tracking:

We just do not work on your projects directionless, but we track each step we take and analyze its effect on the business and give periodic reports to you. The only way to grow a business is to track its ups and downs analyze the customers' behaviour with the product and services. Knowing the general public’s opinion and viewpoint is also a key factor and after collecting all this data improve on product and services makes us and our business big and we the top digital marketing agencies Toronto understand this very well and hence work with the vision to give you the best output in analysis and tracking